My Own Guru Podcast with Ele La White

Be your own guru on this weekly podcast featuring beyond inspirational Ele la White.

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Apr 9th, 2018 by myownguru at 8:50 am

What have you defined as freedom? What if you could choose today the real freedom?


What if everything you decided is evil, terrible and awful is only in your mind? 

A short one to get out of there. 

Mar 26th, 2018 by myownguru at 7:37 am

What if you were the last person on earth? What if you were to die tomorrow? 

Would you change something? What if you started today?



A different take at  story of Snow White. ¿What are the poisoned apples of your life? 



There are 5 elements of potency that you can choose to create the life you know is possible for you.  

I dare you to exercise them today. 


Are you using all your energy to avoid other people's judgements? Are you defining what you can do and what you cannot just by imagining what others would think of you? I have a different proposal for you today. 


What if you could acknowledge what you know, and stop looking for validation of you? 

Is that concept too weird? I explain it in this podcast. 


Sometimes we think we want things that we don't really want. Maybe that is the reason we don't get them?

What if you chose today to be present with you and find out what makes you so excited you can barely stand it, and what if that is the key to getting it?



Feb 12th, 2018 by myownguru at 7:16 am

What if I told you that having money is about commitment and demand of you. And you can start having money today. Yes. I know.  There are bills to be paid, things to be bought. Just spare a few minutes, and I will tell you how.




Are you always looking at the potential of people around you?  Are you trying to give them what you defined as what their need to achieve this potential? You might actually be hurting them instead of creating something greater.

Some food for thought.